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Surplus Quality Discount Packaging
For over half a century, the name McKernan has been synonymous with quality discount packaging.  From our humble beginnings in 1959 until today we have dealt in packaging components that our suppliers consider excess: bottles, jars, caps, sprayers, etc.  We buy them from contract packagers, fillers, and major manufacturers of cosmetics, household products, pet supplies, pharmaceuticals and other products.  All of the packaging components we purchase are Top-shelf:  their only "flaw" is that, for a variety of reasons, the product manufacturer no longer needs them and instead of adding to a growing corporate waste problem, has decided to Precycle them back into use.  We provide companies a chance to add to their bottom line by selling their excess packaging inventory and at the same time express a social consciousness concerning the environment which is both necessary and great public relations. 
Surplus Quality Discount Packaging
The result is that our customers purchase First-quality packaging components at discounted prices.  We sell to companies that need these products and can't or won't pay manufacturers' full list price.

McKernan Packaging Clearing House (MPCH) has a unique business model in that we offer dual services.  While considered a leader in the Packaging Supply Business, we actually are a service corporation.  We provide smaller businesses, start-ups, and even larger businesses quality, packaging components.  At the same time, we also provide businesses with an outlet to dispose of their excess packaging.  We purchase unused and unbranded components such as bottles, jars, and closures.  This service allows manufacturers the opportunity to recapture some of their inventory investment on their unneeded packaging.   McKernan's president, Tim McKernan, is quite adamant when he points out that we do not recycle, but instead Precycle unbranded, unused components, helping find new homes for unwanted packaging.

Excess packaging is, and always has been, a fact of life in product manufacturing.  It is created by a variety of factors: sometimes marketing a specific product line requires a change in the packaging's design or color; sometimes mistakes are made in the packaging ordering process, i.e. the wrong packaging is ordered for a specific product; and sometimes the business simply fails. What results is the availability of millions of pieces of excess packaging.  Again, it's top quality but no longer needed by the original product manufacturer. 

For nearly half a century, McKernan has been in the business of buying and reselling that excess packaging. And business is good.  Our attempts at educating businesses to the value of Precycling have begun to pay off.  We are riding a hard-won upward curve.  Surplus Quality Discount PackagingOver the past several years, we have tripled the number of our employees, and the size of our warehouses in the Chicago area.  All of that growth is, of course, spurred by the most important increase: our gross sales have more than doubled. Foreign sales are also up by over 20% a year.  If you need to reach us for any reason, we're open weekdays from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific Time.  Our professional sales staff is quite adept at searching our inventory for exactly what our customers need in the quantity they require and at the price they can afford.  We also service our customers through a monthly Packaging Clearing House Catalog and a monthly "Hot Deals" mailer. Which are now available digitally on our web site.

After 55 years and two generations, the McKernan family has solidly established its extensive network of packaging suppliers, which includes major players such as Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Alberto Culver, and Bristol-Myers-Squibb. Our broad definition of "excess" includes items usually thought of as outside traditional packaging, such as various cosmetic components, certain medical items. We even stock many food grade items. No matter what you're after, check with McKernan.

The same is true if you have excess packaging you need to move.  Packaging that's excess to one enterprise can be extremely valuable to another.   Small manufacturer/marketers, startup entrepreneurs, or established packagers with unconventional packaging requirements often need the packaging that is considered excess by other companies. Considering the importance consumers attach to product packaging and packaging's ability to influence purchased decisions, a packager can hardly go wrong with first-quality items from major multinational marketers, who have already invested millions to determine what works best.
Surplus Quality Discount Packaging 

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I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation for all that McKernan Packaging have done to assist Chaé Organics in the launch of its new brand, and facilitating our project for the Emmy Awards...
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