I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation for all that McKernan Packaging have done to assist Chaé Organics in the launch of its new brand, and facilitating our project for the Emmy Awards. Where we once used to think of McKernan as a "closeout" packaging supplier, you have shown us that you are much more than that.

What began with the search for a single packaging component, ended up being "catalog shopping" for the entire line. There were a number of factors that led to this:

  • The service you provided was as good or better than we have ever received before, and I have been purchasing packaging components for 25 years.
  • Samples were shipped immediately.
  • Pricing on closeout/overstocks was very attractive.
  • Minimum purchase requirements accommodated our test market phase.
  • Items such as the "high-end" acrylic jar sets that are stock items by McKernan, were indeed a pleasant surprise, and perfect for the image of our line.
  • The fact that you stock many packaging components at competitive prices, helps in our long-term planning.
  • Even the purchase of pumps and sprayers that had short dip-tube lengths, were easily handled with your supply of replacement dip-tubes.

All in all, working with you has been a very pleasurable experience. We are very confident McKernan will have the components needed for our Television launch this winter.

Very Sincerely,

Frank E. Maggio
Chief Operations Officer