Glass, Metal, Plastic, Vials, Packers

McKernan stocks glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal bottles, vials and packers with many items in our warehouse and ready to ship.

Both glass and plastic bottles are sold in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The most common shapes for bottles are the Boston Round, bullet, cylinder, square, packers and ovals. However, some glass bottles and plastic bottles can be seen in decorative faceted shapes and even shapes of animals and foods. You can find plastic bottles in some of the more common types of plastic like PET, HDPE, LPDE, PVC, PP, PS and acrylic.

Metal or aluminum bottles are most recognizable with the bullet shape and the original aluminum coating. However, they are also available in other colors like white, black, or brushed metal and in other shapes like a cylinder, tapered round or oval shape.

Many of these bottles are used in several industries including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, pet care, hair care, beauty, home & garden, automotive and cosmetics. Plastic, metal, and glass bottles can be used for nail polish, perfume, food, sauces, drinks, liquors, honeys, oils, vinegars, medicines, make-up tubes, shampoo, soaps, lotions, and mouthwash, to name a few.

There are also several types of specialty plastic bottles including f-style bottles, trigger ovals or trigger oblongs and handleware bottles that are frequently used for household, industrial and automotive cleaning products, automotive fluids, chemicals and more.

McKernan carries an extensive line of packers made of glass, PET and HDPE that are ideal for pills, vitamins, supplements, medicinal herbs, essential oils, and other pharmaceutical applications for use with both humans and pets.

Vials tend to be smaller containers made of either plastic or glass. Vials are often used in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries to hold serums, oils, medications or small, sample size products. These are versatile because they are available with continuous thread closures, dropper tips, plugs, or other orifice reducer fitments.


Since there is such a wide variety of materials and types of bottles, be sure to ask for samples to test any of these bottles with your specific product for compatibility. Add your samples to your cart or call 1 (800) 787-7587 and ask for a Sales Representative for assistance, and remember to ask for matching closures.