What is the process to order packaging from McKernan?

  • Step 1: Visit and create a list of items that you are considering.
  • Step 2: Submit your list either through or your sales representative to receive your samples.
  • Step 3: After receiving samples, test them with your product and any other packaging components for compatibility.
  • Step 4: When testing is complete, submit your order to your sales representative.
  • Step 5: Most orders ship within 48 hours (if in stock in the warehouse, see below for more information).

I have a question that I don't see an answer on the website. How do I contact Mckernan?

You can call a sales representative, Monday through Friday from 5am-5pm PST at 1 (800) 787-7587 or (775) 356-6111. Your call will be answered by our receptionist who can direct you to the correct person to answer your question. You may also mail our Corporate Office at P.O. Box 7281, Reno, NV 89510.

Pricing/Minimum Orders

What are Minimum Order Requirements?

Generally, a minimum order is $500.00 (if items are in stock in the main warehouse) and by the case pack. The $500.00 minimum applies to product only, not including freight or any re-work charges. Other minimums will apply if the items are Brokered (items that we do not own nor warehouse).

I received a quote and the pricing has "M" or “m" after the dollar amount, what does that mean?

All of our pricing is per thousand and the "M" or “m" means thousand. For example, if the price is $1000/M, the unit cost is $1 dollar each, or if the price is $157/M, the unit cost is 15.7 cents each.

If the pricing is per thousand, does that mean the product is sold by the thousand?

Although the pricing is per thousand, the product is sold by the case pack or, in special circumstances, the entire lot. Each manufacturer packages items differently, so case packs or the lot may be different depending on the specific item. We do not break cases.

Payment Options

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Orders can also be paid in advance by business checks, cashier's check, money orders, ACH, wire transfer, or you can apply for Net 30 terms (see below). We do not accept C.O.D. sales.

Can I apply for terms?

Yes, we have a credit application form that will need to be completed along with a minimum of three trade references and bank information. Once the form is completed, with your signature, please return it to your sales representative. Note: Applying for credit can take 2-3 weeks depending on response from your references. If approved for credit, terms are Net 30 starting with the day your products ship.

Shipping Questions

How fast will my order ship?

If the packaging is located in our warehouse, we try to ship them within 24 hours and over 98% of our orders ship within 48 hours. Of course, this time frame may vary depending on the carrier you choose and if quantities are more than what is currently in our warehouse. If the items are brokered, there may be additional days for shipping.

How are orders shipped?

For smaller orders (generally under 12 cases), we recommend shipping via UPS Ground. For larger orders or orders involving items that need to be palletized, we recommend to ship via a common carrier. The customer is responsible for choosing the shipper and freight charges associated with their order. If you need help deciding on a carrier, your sales representative can help you find one. We generally don't recommend shipping by USPS as it takes an extra day or two for processing since USPS does not provide us with a daily pickup service for large packages.

Do you ship outside the U.S.A.?

Yes, we can export. For any items shipped outside the U.S., in addition to the shipping charges, the customer will also be responsible for any and all duties and/or customs fees.

Product Testing/Compatibility

Can I get samples to test my product?

Yes, we are always happy to send you samples. Most of our samples are sent free of charge and will arrive in 2-3 days when shipping within the continental United States. There are a few items that do have a fee associated with the sample and are marked on the photo of that item. Call your sales representative for information and samples for those select items. Also, if you need your samples sooner, you may provide us with your UPS or FedEx account number, and we can expedite them at your expense.

How do I order samples?

There are several methods to order your samples. One way is by using our online form.

  • 1. Add items to your cart by clicking on the “Request a Sample" button for each item.
  • 2. When finished, click the Cart Icon to checkout.
  • 3. Click on either Sign In, if not already signed in, or Sign up
  • 4. Follow on-screen instructions.

Note: You may also request samples without an account, by filling out information on the form at checkout.

Another method is to email a list of item numbers to your sales representative, requesting samples. As always, you can call 1-800-787-7587 for more information on samples and requests. As a reminder, there is no fee for ordering most samples.

How do I know if my product is compatible with the packaging?

Be sure to request a sample for all of the items that you are considering. Test your product and any other packaging with these samples to ensure compatibility with all components prior to purchasing the packaging. Reminder, there is no fee for ordering most samples and samples must be sent to the customer for testing and product compatibility. McKernan is not responsible for any incompatibility issues with your specific product and packaging.

Some items are listed without a dip tube. Can you provide a dip tube to fit my container?

Yes. If the item without a dip tube is a Wholesale fine mist sprayer, we will fit the sprayer with a custom sized dip tube at no charge. If the item is a pump, trigger sprayer, regular mist sprayer or Best Value fine mist sprayer, please ask your sales representative about re-work charges.

The dip tube on my pump or sprayer is too long for my bottle, can you fix it?

Yes, on most sprayers and pumps, we can cut the dip tubes if they are too long. The minimum charge for cutting a dip tube is $55.00/M for the more popular smooth or fine ribbed pumps and sprayers. An additional charge may be added for sprayers and pumps that are outside of the standard, metal shelled items or extra large tubing.

What if the tube on my pump or sprayer is too short?

We have on supply many different dip tube sizes that can be cut to the desired length and refitted to many pumps or sprayers. There is a nominal charge for each step in the process, not including the cost of new tubing. For example: a tube needs to be 4 inches long, instead of 2 inches. There is a charge to remove the 2 inch tube, another charge to place the new tube, a charge to cut the new tube to 4 inches, plus the cost of the new tubing.

How long does re-work take and how fast can I get it shipped?

This depends on the process and how many re-work orders are in front of yours. Your sales representative can advise you when you place your order.

Do you offer custom packaging?

Yes, we can provide custom packaging. Please call your sales representative at 1 (800) 787-7587 for information, pricing and timelines.

Damaged/Missing/Incorrect Orders

What if part of my order is damaged or missing?

We highly recommend that you count your cases and inspect them for damage before you sign for them. If you notice any missing or damaged goods, report this to the driver and make sure to sign on the receiving documents noting that your order is damaged or missing items. Then, contact us at 1 (800) 787-7587 immediately and advise us of the situation. Please note that all shipments are insured.

What if I get something other than what I ordered? Or the product is defective?

You have a 21-day inspection period after the date of shipment. If the product is incorrect or defective, please contact us immediately so we can begin finding a solution. We stand behind the quality of all the goods we ship.

What if I changed my mind or ordered the wrong item, can I return it?

We accept most returns under the following conditions.

  • Notify your sales representative immediately as all returns are subject to approval.
  • The product must be within the 21-day inspection period.
  • The items must be unopened and in the original cases.
  • Shipping fees are not included or reimbursed.

If these conditions are met, an RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) number will be issued. After receipt and approval of the product in our warehouse, a credit will be issued minus a 35% restocking fee.