Food & Beverage

McKernan carries a giant selection of packaging for your food & beverage lines. Food & beverage packaging includes glass and plastic bottles and jars. To match these containers are metal and plastic closures with seals made specifically for the food & beverage industry.

Many glass and plastic bottles are made for certain food items such as wine, liquor, beer, juice, milk, beverages, dressings, marinades, sauces, seasonings, syrup and extracts. Popular styles for either glass bottles or plastic bottles include woozy, liquor/mixer, Tam Tam, Marasca, Burgundy, hock, Claret, mini-wine, flask, olive oil, jug, growler, salad dressing, vinegar, sauce, juice, beverage, and carafe. In addition to bottles, glass and plastic jars are popular for fresh pack, salad dressings, canning, honey, salsas, condiments, spices, sauces, peanut butters, jams, and more.

In many cases, large plastic jars are also used for powder drink mixes and protein shakes. Measuring cups, scoops and spoons, mostly made of Polypropylene (PP), can be used with these jars to measure product like drink mixes, dry or liquid ingredients, and food supplements. Measuring cups, scoops and spoons can come in a variety of colors with natural being the most common. Depending on whether it is a cup, scoop or a spoon, these can come with or without a handle and either with a single measurement, graduated measurements, or no measurement at all.

To help keep these food items fresh and sealed, McKernan offers numerous closures, like metal caps, plastic caps, along with specialty caps just for the food & beverage industry. Glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles and jars usually have a continuous thread, ROPP, crown, cork, bale-top, or lug finish, depending on the type of container. Popular in the food & beverage industry, metal caps are available with either a ribbed neck continuous thread or lug finish. Following safety guidelines, some metal caps may include a safety button, and other closures may offer a tamper evident ring. Along with the cap, there are a variety of liners to help keep food fresh. Some types of sealing discs feature linerless, plug seal or valve seal, which is similar to a claw seal or land seal. Liners can either be bonded to the closure, or they can be loose inside the closure ready to adhere to the top of the container, sealing it when the closure is added. These liners include foam, cone, foil, pulp, heat seal, PV, pressure sensitive, wax, plastisol, pulp and foil, EVA, and pulp and oil. Learn the about different liner types and their properties.

Another great packaging option for the food & beverage industry are tins which are great for candies, gums, mints and other small bite-sized treats. Ranging in size from ¼-ounce rectangle up to a 4-ounce cylinder or larger, these tins provide a sliding or flat closure or a press-on closure that is made of solid metal or with clear plastic on top.

Along with tins are non-aerosol cans and can ends which are typically made of metal or a combination of metal and composite without one or both ends. Many of these kinds of cans can be used in the food & beverage industry, and McKernan carries can ends to fit many non-aerosol cans. Often, these can ends can be plain or have a pull tab. Aerosol packaging is also suitable with many food applications including whipped cream, spray cheese, cooking sprays, and more.

Other packaging options include an assortment of products including portion cups, pails, bags, pouches, trays, clamshells, boxes, stoppers, and more. This category is constantly changing with new and interesting items being added weekly.

If you searched our website and were unable to find packaging for your food & beverage line, please call us at 1 (800) 787-7587 and we can recommend a solution. We can customize anything in our wholesale line and even assist in locating unique items. From color to design, we are here to help you achieve the perfect package!