Worldwide Shipping

At McKernan Packaging Clearing House, we pride ourselves on shipping fast and shipping around the world.

If the packaging you ordered is located in our warehouse, we try to ship within 24 hours, and over 98% of our orders are shipped within 48 hours. If the quantity ordered is more than what is currently in our warehouse, if the packaging is a brokered item or depending on the carrier that is chosen, this time frame may vary. Your sales representative can go over any details that could vary the shipping time to ensure that you receive your packaging on time.

We work with most carriers and can recommend a carrier for whatever the destination. For smaller orders, generally under 12 cases, we recommend shipping via UPS Ground. For larger orders or orders involving items that need to be palletized, we recommend to ship via a common carrier. The customer is responsible for choosing the shipper and freight charges associated with their order. If you need help deciding on a carrier, your sales representative can help you find one. We generally don't recommend shipping by USPS as it takes an extra day or two for processing since USPS does not provide us with a daily pickup service for large packages.

When shipping outside the United States of America, we can easily export your packaging and can work with you to find a shipper. While we can ship almost anywhere in the world, the customer is responsible for any and all duties and/or customs fees associated with shipping your products.

For more information on shipping your products domestically or internationally, please contact your sales representative at 1 (800) 787-7587.